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Upper Level is Open

Easter Brunch at the club. Thanks to all of the members and families who joined us today for our first member event in the remodeled clubhouse.  

Demolition is almost complete after only one week!

Clubhouse Remodel

Work has started for the addition to the exercise facility. The deep hole is for the water tank that will supply water for the building’s fire sprinkler system. Six more months and we re-open the remodeled clubhouse!

Pool is Complete!

Pool News

After a year of planning, construction, and much anticipation, our new pool complex is weeks away from opening. This week is critical in determining the actual date we open. The final step for the pool is application of plaster and … Read More

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The progress of the pool complex is coming along great! This picture is of the lap pool. We are planning on opening the new pool complex between the dates of June 30th and July 3rd. This complex consists of: -25 … Read More

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This photo was taken yesterday and shows the progress on the new lap pool. It is taking shape quickly!

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Despite the snow this morning we started digging the hole for the lap pool today! The pool building is also starting to take shape. Floors are poured on the inside and walls are up.

Pool and Utility buildings

The Pool and Utility buildings are well on their way!

New Pool Complex

Construction fences are up and demolition of our old pool will begin in the next few days. We are very excited about our $2million new pool complex.