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The Swim Club has gotten off to a great start this year. We have 27 enthusiastic swimmers who are having fun every morning playing games and improving their swimming.

Our team did very well in the three meets we had in June against Brackett’s Crossing, The University Club, and the St. Paul Tennis Club.

The Swim Meet schedule for July is:
July12 – Dellwood at Town & Country
July 19 – WBYC at Dellwood
July 21 – JCC at Dellwood
July 28 – Interclub Meet at Bluewater

Effective July 29th the pool will open for members at 10:00am every day through Labor Day.

As a reminder, the pool cannot be open if the temperature is 67 or below (hopefully that won’t happen in July and August!). Notices will be sent via email if the pool closes due to weather.